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TGIF, everyone!

This is newhope‘s Ryan Norman posting today with a review on Pastor Benji’s Preaching to Connect Truth to Life from Dr. Wayne Schmidt, Vice President of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Dr. Schmidt had this to say:

Preaching to Connect Truth to Life is a book for those who take seriously and intentionally the proclamation of God’s Word! Dr. Benji W. Kelley is one of the freshest voices in the country when it comes to effectively proclaiming God’s timeless Word in the 21st Century! By thoroughly examining the historical styles of preaching, while at the same time planting and growing a prevailing church today, Kelley masterfully demonstrates how to weave the old with the new, while never compromising the truth of God’s Word! If you desire to more effectively and relevantly communicate the Bible, while at the same time holding fast to the truth of the Gospel, than this is a must read book for you!”

As Christ followers, we can all use help communicating the Gospel in relevant ways! Copies are available at any newhope Campus Resource Center as well as online here at Wesleyan Publishing House. What a great gift for a recent graduate or for Dad for Father’s Day!

If you already have a copy feel free to share your thoughts on facebook!

Have a great weekend!

Did you get Pastor Benji’s Autograph?!?!?

Good Afternoon, newhope nation! This is newhope‘s Ryan Norman with an update on this past Sunday’s book signing for Pastor Benji’s Preaching to Connect Truth to Life! Wow, first let me share, that newhope Garner’s Resource Center sold out of copies and, if you were at Central Campus for the festivites Sunday afternoon, you saw a line form that could have resulted in some major writer’s cramp for Pastor Benji! :)  What an awesome way to celebrate our Pastor’s first book and send him off for his sabbatical feeling loved! He’s missed already!

While you are enjoying your copy, check out this great endorsement for Preaching to Connect Truth to Life:

“Whenever I hear Benji Kelley preach, I come away with two consistent impressions. First, there is the gratitude I have to God for His willingness to anoint preachers with his enabling presence, so that the Word goes forth with power. When I hear Pastor Benji preach, I am reminded of the words of Oswald Chambers, “There is no limit to what God can do with a man, if he touch not the glory.” A hallmark of Pastor Benji’s preaching is that he always, consistently and intentionally gives God the glory. And God blesses Pastor Benji with an unusual anointing. The second impression is the gratitude I have to Pastor Benji for the way he honors the Word in his preaching. True to Wesley, the scriptures are the foundation of the reason, experience and tradition that is proclaimed from his pulpit. Benji Kelley is a man of the Book! As a result, we see the transformational mission of the church effectively displayed right before our eyes, as people’s lives are changed, some radically and dramatically.

It is my honor to minister alongside this man of God.  What he shares in this book will bless those who love God and the Word. Enjoy this book on preaching from a man who loves to preach and does it extremely well!”

~ Pastor Dan Leroy, District Superintendent of North Carolina East Wesleyan Church

You can share your own endorsement on PTCTL’s facebook Page!

If you missed the opportunity to have Benji sign your copy, don’t worry! Stay tuned for news on another signing event when the Kelley’s return! Order your copy here or find them at any newhope church Campus Resource Center! With questions you may call 919-206-HOPE (4673).


Wednesday News!

It’s Wednesday and this is newhope‘s Ryan Norman guest blogging for Pastor Benji. I hope this post finds everyone having a great week! If you’ve been following Pastor Benji’s travels with newhopers to the Holy Land over the last week here on or on twitter and  facebook, you’ve shared in the experience through the awesome photos Benji has posted! You may also have noticed that the group landed safely at RDU International this morning! We’re glad to have them back in the states and back for another wild weekend at newhope!

Today I have a couple of announcements to share as well as news on Pastor Benji’s book! The release is finally here and copies are en route to newhope Campuses this very moment! I want to share a review from General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church Dr. JoAnne Lyon on Preaching to Connect Truth to Life.

“More than a “How to” book, this is a WHY book! Preaching to Connect Truth to Life is a one of a kind, brief and compelling journey through church history, that speaks to the styles and impact of preaching in light of the current debate of Expositional, Topical  and Narrative.  Benji articulately blends them all together, adding the dimension of contexualization, with current examples of life transforming results! The prophet Amos describes our current age as, ‘Not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the Words of the Lord.’ This book offers a powerful answer to that famine!”

Wow! Defintiely worth a read for anyone with a voice in the Church or anyone desiring to share the Gospel in relevant ways! So, check out some announcements below and I hope to see you this Sunday at newhope!


This Sunday, May the 20th, at newhope‘s Central Campus at 3:30 pm, Pastor Benji will be signing copies of Preaching to Connect Truth to Life! This will be part of the Party on the Patio Baptism Celebration and Potluck Party on the Grounds. newhope will be sending the Kelley family off for their well-deserved sabbatical this summer, so be sure to get your opportunity to wish them well and get your goodbye hugs! But don’t worry, they’ll be back with us in September!

Join us for an afternoon of good food, fellowship games and best of all, believer baptisms! We kick things off at 3:30 pm with the book signing, dinner is served at 4:00 pm and registration for baptism begins at 4:45 pm! If you would like more info on getting baptized this week, email [email protected]!


You can order from Wesleyan Publishing House here or stop by any newhope Campus Resource Center beginning this weekend to get your copy!

Pastor Benji Book Update

Happy Wednesday! This is newhope‘s Ryan guest blogging today to update on Pastor Benji’s upcoming book release! Word on the street is the release date is just around the corner… May 15th!

Check out  Dr. Warren Bird’s review:

“This is a must-read book because its author is a must-hear communicator. His preaching style is one reason why thousands have come to the church he leads. Preaching to Connect Truth to Life shows the different elements he’s drawn from the three major approaches to preaching, and how readers can follow a similar path and likewise improve their own particular style.”

Dr. Bird has co-authored 24 books including Better Together: Making Healthy Church Mergers Work.

Be sure to connect on facebook for info on release information! Like the book here.


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