Greetings from Sydney!

Happy Fourth of July!

The Kelleys have made it to Austrailia and the sandy beaches of the east coast and Sydney!




The Kelley Kiddos are learning about jet lag, but handling it well!


Little Joshua Hunter chillin’ at our flat for the week!





Anna Grace and Wesley en route to our first session of the Hillsong Conference!



At Hillsong: Here’s the Worship at the first session! We have NEVER seen such ENGAGEMENT with the WORD and WORSHIP! It’s all about JESUS!

Benji’s Book Debuts in Kentucky!

Happy Friday to all, once again! This is newhope‘s Ryan Norman guest blogging on today to share with you just some of what’s been going on with Preaching to Connect Truth to Life since its release!

Check out this interview with Benji from the Wesleyan General Conference 2012!

Pastor and Author  Dale Galloway, also the Founder of the Beeson Institute for Church Leadership, shared the following after reading Preaching to Connect Truth to Life:

“Finally, a book on preaching that offers both a solid historical analysis of the homiletical landscape, while at the same time guiding preachers in proclaiming a fresh Word in the Twenty-first century! Preaching to Connect Truth to Life is a balanced, thoughtful, and incredibly helpful guide to faithfully preaching the Gospel message of Jesus. Having had the privilege of teaching Dr. Benji Kelley in his doctoral studies in the Beeson Pastor Program at Asbury Theological Seminary, and having heard him preach God’s Word on numerous occasions, I can easily and whole-heartedly endorse this work without reservation. Buy it, read it, and apply it – you will not be disappointed!”


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