Sunday Night Download…

* Great day at newhope this morning. I am so glad to be back teaching. One Prayer has been such a Kingdom-minded series. God, make us faithful.

* Many have asked about the video I showed in worship today and the profile of lukewarm Christianity as opposed to those obsessed with Christ. Much of the message today was inspired as a result of reading Francis Chan’s wonderful new book called, “Crazy Love.” I highly recommend it.

* It was cool to see Pastor Curtis lead worship with a sprained ankle as a result of our Pastoral Team retreat on a Ropes Course near Charlotte. I admit, I love that our team is made of winners and not winers. He could have quit the Ropes Course or called in sick this morning but he didn’t. Way to go, Curtis. In fact, that gives me a chance to give a shout out to the entire Pastoral and staff team of newhope. You guys rock for God and it is a joy to serve with you. You can check ‘em out here. Give ‘em some love from time to time.

* Tons of guests in worship every Sunday these days. Even though it is summer, we are growing BIG time. We will really feel it in a few weeks. Make no mistake about it, August has become the new September and we are about to hit a “whole nutha level.”

* Pumped up about hopekids preschool program. We have multiple waiting lists and the program is growing like wild fire. Dang, it is on the second year. YIKES.

* I have to pull all our pictures together this week from the Anitgua Missions Trip. The twin boys and I really want/need to share the trip with the fam.

* My throat hurts really bad. I look forward to having two Worship celebrations instead of three in the new building. In fact, I am looking forward to every part of being in the new building. As crazy as it might sound, one of the things I am most looking forward to is having our offices at the same location as the church. That will be a first…

* The ESPY awards is off the chain crazy tonight – really well done.

* Joshua, our 2 1/ 2 year old is having head injury issues these days. He has received stitches in his face, broke that wound open twice, and today came up to me with a gash in his head – said he hit a wall. Whatever – he just keeps laughing about it all. I think he got his hard head from his momma. :-)

* Football season is coming, baby!

* Peace people…

2 Responses to Sunday Night Download…

  • syrinx:

    I look forward to having two Worship celebrations instead of three in the new building.

    Don’t get too comfy with that!

  • Benji Kelley:

    You are so right, dude. But any break will be nice. As we have said, though, we will lead as many Worship celebrations as God brings people.

    Go God!


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