Jesus and Politics!

Hey Saints of newhope,


I realize that you usually do not get an e-mail from me this early in the week, yet I simply felt the need to inform you of a major change of direction coming this weekend! I think you will be stoked about this change!


After I watched the third and final presidential debate last night, I started to sense the Holy Spirit moving me in a different direction. When I woke up early today, and spent the morning hours in the Word and Prayer, the Holy Spirit confirmed that I needed to delay the Shift series and do a mini two-part series titled, “Jesus and Politics.”


• Have you ever been confused about whether you should support the Republican or Democratic candidate?


• Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the entire political and election process?


• Have you ever wondered how Christians should interact with politics?


• Have you ever felt as though we were living during some incredibly important days in American history?


• Have you ever felt sick and tired of politics?


Yeah – me too! I can answer in the affirmative for all those questions. Which is why I need to change gears from the Shift series and hit the Politics of Jesus head on!


One final question, especially for those of you who were in church this past weekend. With whom are you expressing/sharing/embodying the attitude of the loving Father? (Luke 15:11 – 32) That is, who are you INVESTing and INVITing to the newhope experience? Trust me, Jesus and Politics will be an unbelievably relevant series for you and your friends!


Invite someone to church this weekend! Visit for all new Worship Celebration times!


I love you, pray for you all the time, and hope you will join me at one of our campuses this weekend!


Because of Jesus,

Pastor Benji (Twitter)



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