The First Vision Night!

Last night, we had our very first Vision Night!  I don’t think I can ever remember teaching a group of people who were more dialed-in and engaged with the topic of leadership!


Instead of covering practical nuts and bolts of leadership in terms of equipping our church to thrive, the Lord led me, instead, to talk about what I called, “The Forgotten Foundation of Leadership.” I called it the forgotten foundation because of the disheartening, frustrating, and even sad state of affairs in leadership around the world, including leadership in the church. With Christian leadership, particularly, comes a standard of morality, integrity, and faithfulness to Almighty God. As such, I felt God leading me to make sure we start with the most important foundation. As Christian leaders, if we get this one wrong, nothing else really matters.


I laid out the material with what I called, The Diamond of Morality.” I can’t include it all here, but I basically talked about four key components of this diamond.


1.  Prayer and Devotion

2.  Exercise

3.  Maintaining your Marriage

4.  Consider the Cost


The central theme throughout the entire night is that Christian morality is achieved by focusing NOT on what we need TO DO, but rather on who we want TO BE. 


The part of my message that seemed to resonate the most with everyone was, Maintaining your Marriage! Listen in– the greatest insurance for moral integrity is a happy home life. Here are the nuggets I covered to help us maintain our marriage and have a happy home life:


a. Involve your mate in your ministry…

b. Surround yourself with reminders of your family…

c. Keep the lines of communication open…

d. When attracted or aroused, direct it towards your spouse…

e. Date your mate…

f.  Guard your mind…


Regarding that last point, about your mind, remember this, beloved, Satan is a headhunter and your sexuality is the battlefield and your mind is his trophy.


As you can probably tell, it was raw. I said some stuff that pastors usually don’t talk about. But, therein lies our problem. If the church is not speaking about such matters, is it any wonder that our children and some of our leaders experience horrible falls from grace.


If you are trying to lead anything, please remember this, YOU WIN FROM WITHIN, and the surest way to take yourself out of the game is to forget the integrity/morality foundation of Christian leadership!


Lead well – I believe in you and I am praying for you!

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