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Maybe you have heard the phrase, “rock bottom.” It is often said, some folks have to hit rock bottom before they ever can come up again. That was truly the case for Benji Kelley, founding and senior pastor of NewHope Church. This is the story of a man who lost everything and almost his very life as a result of intense drug addictions and multiple vehicular accidents one sunny September day. Fortunately, all of this was his ”rock bottom.” As he sat incarcerated in a Sumter County jail cell, he was given a Bible and God started to move in his life! The rest, as they say, is history, as God took a wrecked life and redeemed it for His good and glory!


How do we preach when they resent the “preachy”? And how can you proclaim objective truth to people who aren’t so sure there is such a thing? Pastor Benji Kelley calls today’s professional and lay preachers back to a lost art in many pulpits: narrative preaching. While examining the strengths and effectiveness of all traditional preaching styles, he particularly shows how—in every form of preaching—story can profoundly connect truth to any life . . . especially for the majority of today’s disconnected audiences.

This book is a powerful tool for both veteran and beginning preachers who want to understand, empathize with, and relevantly engage the congregations of this day and age.

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