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““This changes everything” is more than a phrase for Benji Kelley and newhope church. It is a way of life. When lost people find Jesus, it changes everything! When prodigals find grace and truth and come back home to God, it changes everything. When love and acceptance are offered to everyone, everything changes. The power of God and His Word in a person’s life and in a congregation’s life changes everything! Benji personally knows what it means to be redeemed and put back together again through supernatural providence. Let the stories and the eye-witness account of the work of Jesus Christ within Wrecked and Redeemed bring about the eternal change your life and church needs. Learn to live again. Learn to hope again. Learn to love and be loved again! Wrecked and Redeemed truly does give glory to God for redeeming and restoring all kinds of people like you and me.”

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