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This book is a must read by my dear friend, Dr. Benji Kelley. As I read this book, two words kept coming to my mind – honesty and transparency. Words that are easy to say (or write) but hard to live out. In this remarkable account of a life broken and rebuilt, you will be deeply touched and reminded of Gods relentless pursuit of us!

If you haven’t visited newhope church yet, you should. I have been there and this community of faith is the living, breathing embodiment of this amazing story…a story that is still being written on the heart and lives of thousands of people throughout the Carolinas and into Kenya.

This book is filled with deep spiritual truths, wrapped in some good southern wisdom! Thank You Benji for your willingness to so bravely give us glimpses into the wreckage of your life and allowing us to be witnesses on the road to redemption.

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