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Meet Benji Kelley

Dr. Benji W. Kelley, Senior Pastor

Benji Kelley is the founding pastor of newhope church in Durham, NC and multi-site campuses throughout the Carolinas, and Kenya.

Pastor Benji is from Sumter, South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1994 with an Associate’s Degree in Religion and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. He then studied at Duke University’s Divinity School where he received two Master’s Degrees in Divinity and The Theology and Practice of Christian Preaching. The Kelley family then traveled to Kentucky where Pastor Benji received his Doctoral Degree in Christian Leadership and Preaching from the prestigious Beeson Pastor Program at Asbury Theological Seminary. In 2002, Pastor Benji returned to North Carolina and started newhope Church.

Pastor Benji has authored two books titled, Preaching to Connect Truth to Life (Copyright 2012) and, Wrecked and Redeemed – Finding Hope, Freedom, and Acceptance in Christ (Copyright 2019)

At the end of the day, newhope church can only be described as a, “God Thing.” Any words, stories, or adjectives fall woefully short of what has taken place since 2002. newhope continues to see growth not just in numbers but thousands of salvations a year, baptisms, missions’ trips around the world, community engagement, and a movement of people investing and inviting their friends to Christ and/or the newhope environment! We praise God for this harvest!

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